Andrew Hobbs

Andrew Hobbs, or "Drew" to his many friends, is a poet who has been given the gift of mediumship through which he is able to channel wisdom and messages from the Angelic Realm. Over recent years, Drew's gift of connection with the Angelic realms has grown stronger, enabling him to hear and channel their words of wisdom and divine guidance. These words come to him from Melchizedek, a high source of divine knowledge and wisdom, through clairaudience (like clairvoyance, but with sound instead of images).

He spent his formative years at various schools in England learning about the mechanics of life, with the arts, languages and sport being his favourite subjects.

Music became a great source of inspiration from an early age, and a large part of Drew's working life has been spent around the music business, either in retail or in journalism. He loves many forms of music but blues, rock, singer/songwriter and americana genres are his areas of expertise. In his role as a journalist he has reviewed and interviewed many musicians and bands from all over the globe.

During his childhood Drew was subjected to great suffering, which took many years to overcome. With that suffering came an enhanced sensitivity, an empathy that allows him to connect and work with people from all walks of life, and he brings these gifts to his readings, writing and poetry.

Drew's work touches people in ways that can't always be explained, but many are profoundly moved when they sit with him or experience the power of his writing.

Drew has an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of things and coming up with inspiring solutions to a problem. Any time spent with him would prove worthwile.

Carol Owen – Dorset

Drew's readings absolutely blow you away with the accuracy. The amount of detail and guidance is amazing. A true turning point in life.

Steve Bishop – Dorset