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In the last quarter of 2011 the Universe decided to release a series of letters to this struggling world of ours.

Drew channelled these remarkable essays in the early hours and across a number of weeks and was highly moved by what they had to say. It became clear to Drew that these teachings needed to be shared with all of humanity, because what they talk of has great significance with what is going on around us at the present time, and the fragile state of the world we currently live in.

These teachings are highly uplifting and without judgement. They are loving and considerate, clear and precise, but they also speak frankly and with great passion and commitment. The Angelic Ones aren't afraid to let us know where we are going wrong but they always guide with an immense graciousness.

These seven letters are accompanied by seven poems and a couple of introductory essays and are available for download at Amazon Kindle here.