Andrew Hobbs Readings

Drew's readings are done with the Angelic Energies, and as such focus on emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Many of us have issues with the past, the constant demands modern living places on us and in our relationships, and sometimes it all becomes a little too much to handle. This is where an Angelic reading can be of service. These very high sources of enlightened energy have our best interests at heart, and when a reading takes place they give beautiful guidance and offer their thoughts on where they think we need to look to find the answers we seek.

The messages are gentle in their delivery but accurate and highly effective, and the wisdom of these divine beings certainly helps to lift the struggling spirit.

What they are so good at is bringing us back into balance and helping us open our eyes to truth and self-love. So often, what we're looking for is right in front of our faces, all we need is care, consideration, thoughtfulness, kindness, loving guidance and a nudge in the right direction, and this is what the Angelic Ones provide during a one-on-one or telephone reading.

The price for a reading depends on the client's requirements. This can be discussed when a booking is made.